IBA Group CEO Gives Update on Service Continuity

February 28, 2022 

Dear partners, customers, and colleagues,


We appreciate your support during this difficult time. We hope that the parties in conflict will find a peaceful solution and the situation will return to normal in the near future.  

Meanwhile, I would like to inform you about the latest actions we have taken to ensure the smooth provision of our services.

  • We have moved all our corporate resources to our servers located centrally in Prague. All VMs of our employees working on customer projects are being transferred to the Prague data center that complies with the TIER 3 standard. The VM transfer work will be fully completed by the end of March. Therefore, we at IBA Group have created an infrastructure that is completely autonomous and independent of the Minsk hardware and will keep expanding it to meet future project needs.
  • The financial system of IBA Group is absolutely independent from the financial systems of Russia and Belarus. Therefore, no problems in settlements with our partners may occur. Our system is well-distributed and has sufficient reliability to respond quickly to any challenge. IBA Group has the necessary mechanisms to pay for the work of the employees and they work in full and without interruptions. Moreover, we have additional options and are preparing alternative mechanisms of operation.
  • Nearly all employees of IBA Ukraine have left the country and will be working through the IBA Poland or other offices. We have made all the needed arrangements and there will be no interruptions in our services.
  • The IBA Group’s security system provides protection against any unauthorized actions even in these difficult conditions. It is multi-level and contains a large set of technical tools and organizational solutions. We moved the security system management from Belarus to the Czech Republic and Poland.



Sergei Levteev
Chairman and CEO
IBA Group