IBA Launches Asset Walker

February 13, 2015 

Recently, IBA released Asset Walker, a new information system designed for efficient management of enterprise assets using Android mobile devices.

The Asset Walker information system is aimed at optimizing the processes of inspection and asset accounting due to the following factors:

  • Prompt receipt of critical information about the availability and current state of assets
  • Implementation of a unique identification system that allows for pinpointing a location of a work performer
  • Effective control of the work execution.

The Asset Walker information system is easily integrated with ERP and EAM systems thus providing a comprehensive package of asset management. The acquisition of data about an asset is well–timed and is carried out from multiple sources of a single system. Using the system, a company is able to take competent management decisions in compliance with its business strategy.

The IBA Group portfolio of proprietary products was expanded to include the new information system. IBA Group plans to continue development and launch of new products.