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Our team automates and streamlines the company’s business processes. We will help improve their efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits and enhance the overall performance of the company with SAP S/4HANA. The system is suitable for companies of any size and industry.

RISE with SAP S/4HANA — securely transfer your existing data and processes from ERP to the cloud (private cloud).

GROW with SAP — use a set of ready-made solutions and services and accelerate the implementation of a cloud ERP system (public cloud).

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Some Benefits of SAP ERP


Reduced inventory


Better production growth rates


Free surplus of turnover due to proper inventory planning


Reduced MRO budget

The efficiency of obtaining production reports has increased by 30 times

The search time for the necessary information was reduced by 5 times, and the transparency of operation processes increased.

Reduced labor costs for the preparation of plans, reports, and analysis by up to 60%


Transparent Financial and Tax Accounting

Transparent Financial and Tax Accounting

The solution drives efficiency, reduces accounting costs, improves accounting accuracy and quality, and improves company financial management.

Business Case

Complete control over company’ costs

Complete control over company’ costs

The solution improves accuracy and quality of accounting, cost management and forecasting, and helps to conduct detailed cost analysis.

Optimization of Financial Flows

Optimization of Financial Flows

The solution provides many business benefits: centralized management of financial instruments, optimization of risk management, better transparency and accuracy of financial reporting, faster preparation of financial statements and improved management of banking and cash transactions.

Sales Performance Improvement

Sales Performance Improvement

The solution improves sales management processes allowing you to receive information about each order, client and the status of the sales process in real-time. It increases transparency and control, and allows users to manage customer data centrally.

Operation Excellence

Operation Excellence

The solution allows users to effectively plan and streamline production processes, considering sales volumes, the availability of materials and equipment capacity, and the timing of orders. SAP S/4HANA automates various types of production: discrete, process, assembly, optimized, and mass production.

Improved Procurement and Inventory Management

Improved Procurement and Inventory Management

The solution improves purchasing processes and allows companies to effectively manage inventory, optimize inventory levels and reduce turn-around time. Reduced procurement costs result in economic benefits for the business.

Investments and projects portfolio management

Investments and projects portfolio management

The solution improves the efficiency of project management throughout the entire life cycle, taking into account all aspects – from financial performance and timing control to quality and safety management.

Enterprise Assets Management

Enterprise Assets Management

The solution streamlines maintenance processes, including scheduling, job oversight, and inventory and tool management. It results in lower maintenance costs and increased staff efficiency.

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

It helps businesses manage their real estate assets more efficiently and transparently, resulting in improved financial stability and lower risk.

We Know Your Industry

Oil & Gas
AP S/4HANA helps oil and gas companies (SAP for Oil &Gas) to consider a large amount of data and the scale of business, complex production processes and their regulation. The ERP system streamlines and automates the processes of production, processing, transportation and sale of oil and gas, thus simplifying their implementation and improving efficiency.

The oil & gas industry is associated with environmental risks, so the system helps to address these risks and ensures compliance with legislation and environmental standards.

SAP S/4HANA allows oil and gas companies that operate in different countries and regions to make allowance for local laws and manage international operations.

Mining and Processing Industry
SAP S/4HANA helps mining companies (SAP for Mining) manage production plans and control the production processes of mining, transportation, enrichment and processing of ore; ensures optimum process efficiency. For example, the equipment maintenance and repair module improves productivity and reduces downtime.

ERP system facilitates product quality control, helps track deviations and take action to improve it. Deployment of SAP S/4HANA helps to manage resources (ore, water, power and other materials), optimizes their use and improves inventory management.

The system analyzes the risks of environmental accidents and guarantees compliance with legislation and environmental safety standards. SAP S/4HANA also helps with other risk management and data analysis so that managers can make effective business decisions in the face of changing metal prices, political instability and other market factors.

Iron and Steel Industry
SAP S/4HANA helps steel companies (SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing and Supply Chain) to optimize processes, reduce costs and production time, increase efficiency and, consequently, make more profit. A business can prevent wastage and reduce inventory costs by monitoring stock levels.

SAP S/4HANA helps manage financial processes, increase transparency, and improve the quality of data analysis. It allows managers to make more informed decisions. Creating a unified information system for all levels of users improves teamwork and enhances the information security of operations.

SAP S/4HANA helps logistics companies (SAP S/4HANA for Transportation and Logistics) improve business processes: inventory management, inventory control, financial management, production, procurement, etc. By optimizing logistics processes, SAP S/4HANA helps manage the order process, makes order processing faster and reduces delivery times. ERP system improves inventory management and optimizes the use of warehouse space.

Thanks to the system, a company can prevent losses, reduce costs, such as warehousing, and increase profits. The system has tools for data analysis, so that managers can make informed decisions.

Deployment of SAP S/4HANA for transport companies (SAP S/4HANA for Transportation and Logistics) allows them to make resource management more efficient and reduce costs. Improved resource planning, including production facilities, materials, and vehicles, helps improve company productivity.

SAP S/4HANA system helps improve logistics, including route, cargo and vehicle management, which increases the speed and accuracy of delivery and reduces costs. Obtaining operational information about these costs, including those for capital investments, allows them to evaluate the impact of costs on the price of a transportation tariff.

The introduction of a modern system of maintenance and repair of the company’s equipment ensures a round-the-clock operation of the train and equipment, taking into account more strict safety requirements in freight and passenger traffic.

Power Industry
Deployment of SAP S/4HANA for utilities (SAP for Utilities) helps manage assets, including power facilities and networks, which increases performance and reduces costs. Improved resource planning of, generating facilities, materials, vehicles, helps increase productivity and reduce costs.

Creation of a unified database of equipment and information space of business processes for its maintenance for energy infrastructure facilities allows the introduction of a modern system of maintenance and repair of enterprise equipment, which ensures an uninterrupted power supply process, taking into account more strict electric safety requirements. Process automation minimizes human involvement in manual data entry.

SAP S/4HANA system helps to manage stocks and supplies, finances, including accounting, budgeting and reporting, which increases efficiency and reduces costs. Implementing SAP S/4HANA helps manage data and provides deeper insights for informed management decisions.

The SAP solution enables telecom companies to improve the efficiency of customer service and service facilities through end-to-end automation and process optimization.

Deployment of SAP S/4HANA improves customer management, including handling orders, invoices, and contracts to boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

Better product and service management, including pricing, inventory management, and service planning helps improve the quality of products and services and profitability. Financial management, including accounting, budget, and reporting, improves performance and reduces costs.

Implementing SAP S/4HANA helps manage data and provide deeper insights to enable better decision-making and governance in the telecommunications industry.

Food Industry
Deployment of SAP S/4HANA for Consumer Products helps manufacturers improve their competitiveness, streamline business processes and improve product quality.

Automation of production processes allows them to improve the use of resources and increase productivity, increase the level of product quality management through control processes.

Implementing the system provides centralized inventory management, allowing food manufacturers to improve demand forecasting and reduce inventory costs

The ability to obtain real-time data on production processes, orders and deliveries improves transparency and allows them to quickly respond to business changes and minimize risks associated with business processes.

The system allows manufacturers to centrally manage the supply chain, which improves demand forecasting and optimizes delivery processes.

Our Technology Expertise

SAP Financial Accounting (FIN)
SAP Controlling (FIN)
SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
SAP Materials Management (LOG)
SAP Project System (LOG)
SAP Production Planning (LOG)
SAP Sales and Distribution (LOG)
SAP Plant Maintenance (LOG)
SAP Real Estate Management (RE-FX)


Deployment of Solutions

We use modern SAP Activate framework – deployment and life cycle monitoring for SAP solutions. A set of tools, methods and procedures allows us to quickly and transparently implement SAP projects for each project participant, enhance communication efficiency and reduce risks warranty service after launch.

Solution Support

We offer proactive support, fast response to problems, prompt resolution of emerging problems, and guarantee stable and trouble-free operation of your system, which will help you focus on your business and achieve its goals.

Update and Migration

Upgrade existing systems to new versions or migrate systems to another platform. We will help you complete this process quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and risk to your business.

Business Transformation

We will help you to carry out business transformation of processes, reduce costs and improve performance. We will develop individual transformation plans that consider your business’s specifics and provide a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Rollout and Localization

We offer rollout and localization services that will allow you to effectively run business in various countries with high-quality products and take due regard to the peculiarities of the local market. We guarantee high quality and timely introduction of products to new regions.

Custom Development & Integration

We develop individual integration plans taking into account the specifics of your company and offer a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Pre-Project Study and Audit

We analyze your company’s business processes and IT infrastructure and provide a detailed report on the problems identified with recommendations to address them.

Custom Designed Solutions

We develop fully integrated systems that meet the unique requirements of your business, and facilitate their effective management.

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