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Extract the required data from an array of information, analyze and make calculations-based decisions.





Qlik is a developer of content-addressable search BI systems such as QlikView, Qlik Sense.

For BI systems, Qlik offers additional tools: connectors, modules. For example, a geo-analytics module or a connector that assists in collecting information from Google.

Since 2011, Qlik has been included in the Gartner’s list of leaders in the development of BI systems.

QlikView and Qlik Sense are data analysis and visualization tools that help users retrieve, process and analyze data from various sources.

Unlike QlikView, the Qlik Sense tool is a web-based application where users independently develop visualization objects: data models, analytical applications and reports, without the involvement of IT specialists.


Sales Analysis

Spend Analysis Analysis of depth or breadth of the product range and sales structure:

  • management of marketing campaigns based on relevant data,
  • ratings of products, groups, managers, suppliers and customers,
  • generating the product matrix, analysis of market basket, in-depth analysis of sales performance in statics and dynamics,
  • market research, analysis of variances, elasticity of demand, What-if-analysis, ABC, XYZ, Actual vs Budget comparison, etc.

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Inventory Analysis

The analysis helps to understand whether there are enough stocks in the warehouse and whether the appropriate goods are stored:

  • purchase volume, purchase prices and discounts, their relationship with sales, income and profitability, the value of inventory,
  • unmarketable goods, conformity of goods storage in the warehouse with sales,
  • frozen assets, surplus stocks and unsold goods,
  • calculation of the optimal order,
  • analysis of purchase prices and suppliers.

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Spend Analysis

Spend analysis allows understanding the customer behavior:

  • calculation of average spend,
  • analysis of spend in dynamics,
  • optimization of staff time,
  • cashier motivation, customer loyalty analysis,
  • analysis of the market basket and joint purchases,
  • Actual vs Budget comparison.

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Finance Analysis

Analysis of financial KPI variances:

  • revenue, margin, net profit, income taxes, costs and expenses,
  • company liquidity index,
  • P&L analysis
  • Budgeting,
  • Cash flow analysis.

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Logistics Analysis

Analysis of logistics processes performance:

  • analysis of the cost of delivery and shipment,
  • analysis of shipments, routes, carriers, tenders, customs declarations, audit of goods and payments,
  • optimization of transportation and logistics in terms of cost and timeliness of delivery,
  • analysis of shipment indicators for efficient transportation and logistics management.

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Marketing Analysis

Analysis of marketing performance throughout the organization:

  • customer segmentation,
  • cost of marketing campaigns,
  • customer life cycle assessment,
  • market and competitor research,
  • conversion and sales funnel.

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  1. Associative Data Model. QlikView and Qlik Sense are based on an associative model, which automatically recognizes the relationship between data without pre-configuration. With the use of single measure or indicator filters, QlikView and Qlik Sense display all related entities, and label data that did not fall into the data population as inaccessible. Users do not analyze information linearly and see data relationships within the model.
  2. In-Memory Query Processing. QlikView and Qlik Sense handle in-memory data. This speeds up data processing compared to queries from databases on the hard drive.
  3. Proprietary Data Compression Algorithm. QlikView and Qlik Sense economically store large amounts of data and ensure their efficient in-memory handling.

Source: Qlik Help


  1. Ability to work without a database or data warehouse
  2. Own full-featured ETL
  3. Fast system integration.

The tab contains aggregated information on the activities of the company within the current data selection: sales, revenue, expenses, inventory.

Qlik simulates possible pricing scenarios using What-if analysis. This helps determine how changes in price, cost and/or volume of sales will affect sales and revenue.

The tab shows the analysis and comparison of actual and budgeted costs by cost items.


Audit and Advice

We conduct audit of business processes and data that the company receives. We advise and assist in developing a data analysis strategy.

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Configuration and Administration

We customize the solution and IT infrastructure of the company, train the customer’s employees to work with the system, and administer ir at the request of the customer.

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Design, Development and Integration

We design the architecture and develop Qlik platform solutions; introduce production-ready applications. We embed QlikView and Qlik Sense widgets in web applications.

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We ensure migration to the new version, support and service for deployed solutions. We expand the system by connecting new sources and developing new analytical applications.

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Qlik has developed 30+ free demos of interactive analytical applications

for financial, medical companies, retail, manufacturing and other industries:


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