IBA Group products for dispatch control and information

  1. Fleet management system — IBA AVM (Automatic Vehicle Management)
  2. Passenger information system — IBA ISP (Information System for Passengers)
  3. Advanced analytics and reporting system — embedded reporting system in IBA AVM and separate advanced analytics system

Purpose IBA AVM / ISP

Centralized operational control and management of public transport.

Informing passengers about arrivals/departures, schedule changes and other issues on board the vehicles, at stops and via internet.

Main modules of IBA AVM / ISP

/ Route planning and timetable development,

/ Operational management of vehicle traffic (all information on multi-service terminals and two-way communication),

/ Automated recording, management, and analysis of traffic,

/ Generation of reports about actual traffic,

/ Informing passengers,

/ Informing transport organizations (website for transport companies managers),

/ Fuel Accounting System with links to real time traffic, broken down by route and driver,

/ Information Security System with multi-level and
multi-region access.

Driver Terminal

Supported onboard devices:

For small transport companies we offer specialized IBA AVM software based on Android.

We can support various types of onboard vehicle devices.

We can connect servers that are already available in dispatch systems of transport organizations to relay or duplicate data from on-board devices connected to these servers.

Report System in IBA AVM

Embedded reporting system in IBA AVM now contains the reports on following themes:

  • Movement performance,
  • Transport,
  • Stop Points,
  • Timetables,
  • Working hours.

There are around 150 reports in IBA AVM now.

We can quickly create any other necessary reports.

Advanced analytics system

In addition to IBA AVM Report system we have separate advanced analytics system. It is used for processing and analysing Big Data, which can be uploaded either from IBA AVM or from other systems. At this moment this system analyses and displays the following parameters on a map or in the form of reports:

  • Segments of the routes where transport goes behind of schedule
  • Segments of the routes where transport goes ahead of schedule
  • Segments of the routes where speed of transport movement is very high or low

The analyst can configure — what parameters he wants to control, on which section of the city or region and for what period of time. The analyst can change the time period both manually and in the form of animation.

Fuel Accounting System

We have Fuel Accounting System in IBA AVM. Main functions:

  • Data collection from fuel metering sensors.
  • Automated fuel drain analysis.
  • Automatic analysis of cases of fuel underfilling at gas stations (drivers can fill their own canisters while refueling).
  • Generation of reports with analysis of fuel consumption rates on, with data binding for specific rides.


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