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“The developed application demonstrates high performance and stability to the highest satisfaction of end users. The end users work with up-to-date platform for content creation and result analyzing which allows intelligent real time management. The system is user-friendly and easy to use. At the same time, it combines industry-leading technologies and techniques. Team dedication to the success of the project, agile approach and constant demonstration of high performance, learning of new technologies and approaches are decisive factors to the project success.”

Raanan Eran, Founder & CEO

Radio Unistar

“The IBA Web Design Studio offered us not only an original site concept, but also a software base for a dynamic web site. Site visitors can always discover who is on the air at the moment, receive a play list for every hour, meet DJs, find weather broadcast, read the latest news from our information service, and learn a lot about our radio. We were pleasantly impressed by the work of IBA Web Design Studio employees. We found a common language at once and the work was done in a friendly atmosphere. We are sure that our cooperation will continue in the future.”

Matvei Montvolinski, Chief Engineer