Automation of Document Preparation in a Telecommunications Company

Business challenge

Process data on the counterparties of the telecommunications company and import them from Excel to the SAP ERP system. Then, based on this data, create Word documents to conclude additional agreements with contractors and enter them into the workflow system.


IBA Group team conducted a benchmarking analysis of the three leading RPA systems: UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. To address the challenge, they chose UiPath.

In the course of the project, several remote consultations on RPA and solution demonstrations were held for the customer. An algorithm has been implemented for obtaining data from an Excel file, processing and entering it into the SAP system. Also, the robot automatically generated contracts in Word format based on the data obtained.


The pilot project showed that the robot can take on the routine manual work of users. So the company’s employees will have more time for analytical tasks.