IBA Group Commissions New IT Infrastructure Facilities in Prague

February 17, 2022 

To enhance business continuity in line with the company’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, IBA Group put in operation additional IT infrastructure capacities in the Czech Republic. Equipped with Lenovo and Cisco hardware, the new infrastructure is collocated in the T-Mobile DC-7 Data Center in Prague, one of the most advanced and interconnected options in the country. The newly commissioned facilities enable IBA Group to maintain continuous operation of its delivery, production, and support divisions in the event of unfavorable developments in any of the countries where IBA Group has software development centers.

Sergei LevteevIBA Group Chairman & CEO

Sergey LevteevIBA Group is known for being a reliable partner. As a client-centric company, we keep meeting our contractual obligations, regardless of any circumstances. The recent humanitarian and political crises put a lot of stress on the business ecosystem. We address the challenges through higher efficiency and improved resilience, and the new infrastructure is designed exactly to provide the extra level of confidence for our clients.

The scope of this six-month-long project included:

  • Procurement of relevant hardware and software
  • Installation works and solution of emerging telecommunication issues
  • Creation of two production landscapes under Red Hat and VMware virtualization
  • Creation of a DevOps landscape based on the IBA Cloud Platform, the IBA Group’s proprietary open source software solution
  • Setup of the backup and replication mechanisms
  • Revision of the IBA Group’s Infrastructure Management Method-of-Procedure, and standard and emergency operation plans and instructions

Since mid-February, the new facility has been available for migration of corporate and project resources from other IBA Group data centers, as well as for the creation of new high capacity production and development environments.