IBA Group Wins in Best in Cloud 2023

May 28, 2023 

On May 23, the results of the 10th edition of the Best in Cloud 2023 competition organized by Computerworld Polska were announced. The ICDC Open Source Cloud Platform (ICDC) developed by IBA Group became the winner in the category Best PaaS3 Test and Development Platform in the last 12 months.

Best in Cloud 2023

Designed for cloud service providers and data center owners, ICDC is a cloud solution that provides tools to automate and manage an IT infrastructure. The platform includes a wide range of applications for end users, including a stack of software development services.

The platform has an automated process for provision of cloud services and an organized cloud infrastructure.

The ICDC platform optimizes business processes not only because of virtual automation but also through a special service for business owners and service providers to help them manage customers. With ICDC, they can:

  • Set up a tariff plan and issue invoices to customers, no matter the locale
  • Receive money from customers using an internet payment system
  • View detailed reports on the utilized services and resources and their cost for each customer
  • Renew subscriptions to all services without extra effort and interruptions of services

In addition, ICDC assists business owners in expanding their client pool in the IT sector, offering a stack of software development services.

Pavel ShkilionakDirector, IBA Group Delivery Centers Development & Cloud Services

I thank the jury for the recognition of our product. In the near future, we are planning to release updates to our Compute, Storage, and Networking services, as well as add new features and services, such as Social Logins (Google & Facebook), DBaaS (DataBase as a Service), Managed Block Storage (a new way to provide data storage to allocate disks for virtual machines), Networking API (a network stack based on both OVN and other providers), Storage 2.0 (a more convenient interface for working with S3), and Machine Learning Instances with improved support for ML virtual machines.

The cloud platform by IBA Group is a truly hybrid open source cloud that provides centralized services and dedicated locations with the ICDC platform deployed on the customer hardware. Therefore, it is possible to aggregate public and private locations owned by an individual customer under a single cloud panel.

When making the decision, the jury of the Best in Cloud 2023 took into account the benefits of implementing the ICDC Open Source Cloud Platform, including:

  1. Cost reduction through flexible resource configuration
  2. No licenses
  3. Ability to re-use old hardware by installing on it a platform for provision of cloud services
  4. Wide range of cloud services for end customers
  5. Automated delivery process
  6. New user-friendly technologies
  7. Well-organized cloud architecture and infrastructure
  8. Reliable external support

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