IBA Group Launches Public Cloud

August 11, 2020 

IBA Group released Developer Cloud, public cloud designed for developers. Based on the ICDC platform (Intelligent Cloud for Digital Co-Creation), the cloud solution combines efficient hardware, a user-friendly interface, convenient tools, and high safety and availability.

The Developer Cloud is ideal for architects, engineers, designers, developers, and data scientists who need hardware that can perform complicated parallel computing tasks. With the IBA public cloud, computing accelerates dramatically in the areas like machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence.

The IBA’s fully virtualized environment helps organizations and individual developers save cost, time, and effort on acquiring and maintaining their own IT infrastructure and other resources. Moreover, if a business expands, the cloud provides scalability to meet the growing workload and user demands.

IBA Public Cloud Services

  • Allocation and control of VMs
  • Allocation of data storage space
  • Allocation of virtual resources, including CPU, RAM, and Disk
  • Creation of cloud infrastructure, including VM networks
  • GPU for complex parallel computing
  • Access to public and private clouds
  • External access to customer’s resources and data at customer request
  • Setup of collaborative projects
  • Technical support.

IBA Group uses the pay-as-you-go pricing model for the public cloud. With this model, customers pay only for what they use. As a result, they do not have to pay for idle resources and no lengthy reviews or advanced budget planning are required for public cloud decisions.

As security is an ongoing concern for many companies and individuals, the Developer Cloud offers encryption, and identity and access management. IBA applies a shared-responsibility security model that helps identify the responsibilities of the cloud vendor and of the user. The approach distinguishes between cloud security and security in the cloud. Clients guarantee the security of their own servers and firewalls, and IBA Group secures cloud management.

Pavel Shkilionak, ICDC Product Director, said: “We created an engaging and convenient service. Our developers use the Developer Cloud in their everyday work and they are happy with its functionality and capacities. Why not offer the cloud to the public as a service? I am sure that our customers will be able to speed up development, lower overheads, and maybe release their dream product with our Developer Cloud”.

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