Web Application Modernization Service

Our service involves updating and upgrading existing web applications in line with modern standards and technologies. This includes enhancing security, improving performance, and ensuring responsiveness across devices to meet today’s digital demands.

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Transform your enterprise’s digital landscape with our tailored Web Application Modernization Service. Our solution addresses the core challenges of legacy systems by leveraging cutting-edge technology in responsive design and PWA to deliver secure, high-performance web applications.

We prioritize scalability and integration, ensuring our development not only meets but exceeds modern business requirements and IT standards. Partner with us to strategically enhance your digital footprint by moving forward together.

Benefits of our WEB Application Modernization Service

With the expertise of the IBA Group team, your business will gain the following:

Solutions for Your Unique Needs


What you get


We craft web applications designed specifically for your business objectives, taking both functionality and the user experience to new heights.

Uncompromised Security


What you get


Our commitment to implementing the latest security practices safeguards your data and protects your users, giving you peace of mind.

Progressive Web App Advantage


What you get


Experience the seamless integration of web and mobile app benefits with PWAs, ensuring your service is responsive and reliable.

Future-Ready Scalability


What you get


Modernization solutions are built to scale, ensuring that as your business evolves, your applications can easily grow to meet demand.

Seamless Integration Capabilities


What you get


Our applications are designed for seamless integration with existing systems and third-party services, enhancing efficiency and streamlining your operations without disrupting your workflow.

Broad Industry Experience


What you get


Due to our deep-seated knowledge in developing web applications solutions across varied fields we can guarantee that your application is created according to industry best practices and with knowledge gained from a range of diverse projects.

Interested in the modernization of your enterprise web application?

100+web applications modernization projects successfully delivered by the IBA Group team
87%of decision makers believe that legacy applications heighten security risks due to outdated security standards and methods
74%decrease in expenses on hardware, software, and staff with the help of modernization

Web modernization Service Roadmap

1/ System analysis

Our team assesses the current state of your legacy applications, data, and identifying a modernization strategy. This includes code analysis, UI & UX review, gathering user feedback, and proposing new features.

2/ Architectural Blueprint

In this crucial phase, we design your application’s future-state architecture and handpick the technology stack that best serves your modernization objectives, ensuring a seamless transition to modern standards.

3/ Cloud Empowerment

Choosing the right cloud service provider is pivotal. We guide you through selecting a cloud infrastructure that not only enhances but elevates your application’s performance, leveraging best-in-class platforms, tools, and services.

4/ Development

We then set about developing the application using the chosen technology stack and architecture, ensuring that it meets the new requirements and specifications.

5/ Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive testing phase validates the application and data across multiple fronts—functionality, performance, security, compliance, and quality—guaranteeing a robust and reliable end product.

6/ Documentation

We compile detailed documentation on the application’s architecture, codebase, deployment protocols, and user instructions, facilitating a smooth transition and empowering your team with the knowledge needed.

7/ Deploy and Optimize

Deployment is more than just going live; it’s about optimizing the application within its cloud ecosystem, employing cutting-edge monitoring and control tools to ensure peak performance.

8/ Continuous Support

After deployment, ongoing support is provided to handle any issues, updates, or improvements required for the application in its live environment.


Dive into our tech stack to meet your unique requirements and overcome system challenges:


  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • Material UI


  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • REST
  • Java
  • Go
  • gRPC

Data Storage

  • NoSQL databases


  • On-Premises
  • Cloud (Azure, GCP, AWS, etc.)
  • Hybrid

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frequently asked questions

If you’ve got any questions left unanswered, try looking here first — chances are, someone has already asked them for you, and you can get the answer you’re looking for right away!

What is Web Application Modernization?

Web application modernization involves updating and upgrading existing web applications in line with modern standards and technologies. This includes enhancing security, improving performance, and ensuring responsiveness across devices to meet today’s digital demands.

Who Needs Web Application Modernization Services?

Any enterprise company with outdated web applications that do not meet current security standards, performance expectations, or user experience needs. It’s especially beneficial for businesses looking to leverage modern web technologies to stay competitive and scalable.

How does your service differ from other providers?

Our unique approach combines tailored solutions with the latest in responsive design and PWA technology. We focus not only on upgrading technologies but also on aligning the modernization process with your strategic business goals, ensuring a transformation that’s both impactful and aligned with your growth.

Can you modernize any web application?

While we strive to modernize a wide range of web applications, the feasibility depends on several factors including the current technology stack, the state of the application, and your business requirements. We recommend starting with a consultation to assess the modernization potential of your application.