SAP S/4HANA platform streamlines business processes: finance, procurement, production, logistics, sales, marketing, management of assets, and human resources. The solution is most applicable to enterprises in oil and gas, fuel and energy, transport and logistics, production, telecommunication, and financial sectors in United States and Western Europe. SAP S/4HANA platform integrates with IoT sensors, analyses Big Data, plans and predicts business processes in an online mode based on historical data.

Use cases

  1. Quickly calculate materials required for production
  2. Get reliable and up to date information about warehouse stock. Supplies may be written off the warehouse online (for instance, upon the signal of IoT sensors). The employees control stock balance and make purchases on time.
  1. Plan inspection of equipment and assign the executives using SAP S/4HANA. Service requests are sent to the responsible employee’s mobile phone, who is to report the inspection results.
  2. Automatically analyse information about equipment condition received from IoT sensors.
  3. Create equipment maintenance and repair requests on an automatic basis by establishing rules and thresholds.
  4. Consider supply availability for completing requests by using MRP monitor and redirect supplies from less urgent requests
  1. Swiftly change logistics and production processes for completing made-to-order sales requests.
  2. Ensure smooth supply of resources for a large amount of individual batches.
  3. Receive orders directly from end users, for instance via a website or a mobile app.
  1. Receive information about equipment condition from IoT sensors.
  2. Analyze received data and set rules for repairs.
  3. Manage changes in scheduled maintenance works in accordance with the established rules
  1. Predict possible defects in products and identify the conditions for meeting quality requirements set by existing standards or customer specification.
  2. Improve the quality of products by applying more rigorous check on batches with a higher probability of defects.
  3. Manage and improve production processes on a real-time basis. The system analyses the incoming data and informs the supervisor about the insights, or transmits to the ERP system the parameters of the most efficient process conditions.
  4. Integrate SAP S/4HANA with in-house production planning systems to reschedule your production considering the products of the required quality in stock
  1. Collect data online and receive reliable information, which can be detailed to separate operations.
  2. Make data-driven decisions.
  3. Automatically consolidate plans, create plan/actual statements of accounts, determine deviation reasons.
  4. Analyse the company’s activities, markets, end users and competitors, define market trends, build innovative business models
  1. Consolidate data about employees medical check-ups with other modules: EHS (detection of occupational diseases), HR (time sheets), production (distribution of waybills or shift tasks, etc.)
  2. Keep track of occupational diseases and perform statistical analysis; determine risk factors; plan preventive measures based on actual reports; analyse accidents and deaths caused by the human factor; promptly make changes in qualification requirements when hiring a team and keeping the confidentiality of personal data.


We conduct technical, functional and strategic assessment of the customer’s IT structure. We provide a deep analysis of the systems, determine potential project risks, and ensure a comprehensive and reliable estimation of the budget and terms. Together with consultants, we predict how migration to SAP S/4 HANA can facilitate business in its digital transformation.

Find out how much of revenue can be spent migrating to SAP S4/HANA. Scedule a call and talk to our expert.

Read more about Technical Assessment before magration
New implementation

We carry out the reengineering and streamline the processes. We run initial data upload and delete old landscape. We deploy SAP S/4HANA to the cloud or on-premise.

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System conversion with ERP

We transform the running SAP Business Suite, an ERP system, to SAP S/4HANA. The system is deployed on-premise.

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System landscape transformation

We consolidate the distributed IT systems of an enterprise or selectively migrate separate business units and solution components to SAP S/4HANA. The system is deployed to the cloud or on-premise..

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Currently, IBA Group is authorized as

  • SAP Services Partner
  • SAP Partner Center of Expertise
  • SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Recently, SAP certified the IBA Group’s solution Interface for SAP ERP HCM (Human Capital Management), a localization extension for Republic of Belarus, and thanked IBA Group for the company’s contribution to the ecosystem of SuccessFactors solutions in Russia and other CIS countries.


1First contact

At first, we analyze needs of your business, specify your expectations and solution requirements, and define processes that should be automated.

You can apply for a technical assessment before migration to reduce your costs and migration terms.

2Requirement specification

We define main project challenges and risks and ways of handling them; discuss requirement specification details, estimate schedule and costs.

3The Offer

We negotiate final project cost and cooperation terms. Sign the documents.


The process of the project is transparent. You receive progress reports on a regular basis if it is nessessary.

5Maintenance and support

We negotiate terms and costs of system maintenance and support. We can provide all the instructions and consultation how to work with new system.


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