IBA Group helped a global IT company to implement Salesforce

Business challenge

Deploy a new CRM for developing an IT company’s business in the area of sales of SaaS products. For this purpose, it is necessary to adapt CRM to the customer’s business processes, and perform several integrations: transfer data from several different systems into one.


Certified developers and administrators from IBA Group joined the distributed Salesforce team in January 2018. The team consists of 200 people from several countries, including developers, configurators, business analysts, and test automation specialists. 13 of them are IBA Group employees.

The application consists of two parts: CRM – Salesforce Sales Cloud and Quote-to-Cash. At one of the stages of the CRM system, a valid lead is registered and transformed into an opportunity. At the final stage, the Quote-to-Cash process starts: configuration -> quote -> proposal -> contract -> invoice—> ordering -> billing -> provisioning.

The opportunity has various attributes: product, point of sale, customer language, etc. Based on these attributes, the system generates a list of recommended content for sales specialists: selects presentations, white papers and other materials. The application may be integrated with the customer repository to avoid copying of all documents into Salesforce.

In their work, administrators and developers from IBA Group used middleware – the Tray.io platform. Its advantage is that it facilitates integration of Salesforce with many databases and services due to the large number of connectors and ETL (Javascript). The application has been working since April 2018 and is now gradually switching to the support phase.


A convenient solution for sellers and business partners of the customer who sell SaaS products. Integration with the customer’s marketing platform: its leads are transferred to an external system. Over 2 years, revenue from orders that were switched to quotations in this system increased 10 times.