RPA Success Story. UiPath


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International IT Company


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Customer employees should validate the tax amount charged in a vendor contract (tax rates vary for different groups of vendors and are defined in the customer’s database), then skype to extract human reference numbers.

Business tasks: to reduce amount of manual work, to train and support customer’s team to build automation for other SAP cases.


UiPath was selected as the vendor.

  1. Create an information extraction model, implement a predefined data storage with a list of vendors, and conduct an additional similarity check
  2. Create a stamp detection model based on Tensorflow, Keras, and Open CV. Develop a script that locates a stamp in a document to help the business analytics team prepare a machine learning training set with 100 percent correctly marked data
  3.  Create MS Access and Skype automation
  4. Develop an automatic tool to decrypt documents online

Project Results

  1. 84% reduction of manual effort
  2. 95% process automation
  3. Trained in-house team that can build automation for other SAP cases.