IBA Group Improves Procurement Management System for a Large Automobile Group of Companies



Business challenge

Migrate the existing procurement management system servicing the manufacturing processes of the automotive manufacturer to the Java platform with subsequent support and development of new system.


With the support of the customer, IBA Group experts migrated the procurement management system of the automobile group of companies from the SmallTalk platform to the Java platform. At the same time, the project documentation was restored using the code to describe functional behavior of the system. In the period from 2003 to 2005, the IBA Group team reached 100 people.

Since 2005, the IBA Group team continued to support and to develop the new system. During this period, at the request of the customer, modifications were introduced to the system that were required by constantly changing business environment: the opening of new plants, the creation of production sites in new regions, changes in the economy and legislative framework, the development of cooperative relations with other manufacturers of automotive equipment, changes in the customer’s internal processes. Technical changes related to the evolution of the Java platform have also been implemented.


Between 2003 and 2005, the IBA Group team migrated the existing system to the Java platform with a complete replacement of the system in commercial operation with a new system.

Since 2005, the IBA Group team has implemented more than 900 requests for system changes due to new business requirements.

The system is implemented in all customer factories around the world. The total number of system users is about 50,000 procurement specialists.