Rice Field Analysis System using Drone Photos


Agricultural Production Company


Develop an application to analyze photos made by a drone while flying over rice fields. Count the number of plants that have sprouted on the plots in the photo.


The IBA Group team implemented image processing algorithms to accurately calculate the number of objects located on them. For end users, we created an application that processes photos, determines the number of plants on them and generates reports in *.csv and *.pdf formats.

Application algorithm:

  • Create a polygonal image of the region of interest.
  • Download satellite image for it (requires Internet connection).
  • Take a calibration photo (taken at the desired measurement height containing two highly visible objects placed on the ground at a distance of 1 m from each other).
  • Take a photo above the field for measurements.
  • Perform calibration procedure using the calibration image.
  • Generate report.


Thanks to the application, the customer can receive reliable information about the state of rice fields using drones. The project is continuously improving.