Hybris-based web portal for a major tire manufacturer



Business Challenge

Migrate existing functionality from the old customer portal to the new Hybris platform.


The portal was originally based on php. Now all the functionality needs to be migrated to Hybris, including connection to Solr search platform. The project includes development of b2b and b2c application sections integrated with each other.

b2b portal is designed to sell tires to dealers. The dealer may browse the catalog, place and pay for the order, check the order status. For each company, it is possible to create several business units with different delivery addresses. The dealer can view the history of its orders for the last 1.5 years.
All orders are processed by SAP. If individual items from the order arrive on different days, the system will automatically break the order into several shipments.
Member account allows applying for warranty service or sending a notice of defective goods. The portal also has a section with price lists and promotional materials, which are selected individually for each dealer.

b2c-portal is intended for the sale of tire repair and maintenance services. Here one can trace the life cycle of each tire and the places and conditions of winter/summer storage. When a customer places an order in the b2c section of the application, this order is displayed in the b2b section. The dealer may confirm the completion of order execution or service provision.


The application operates in 32 countries in Europe and Africa. Its development is now at the Life Cycle Management stage – bug fixes and functional improvements.