IBA Group Automates HR Management with SAP

June 15, 2020 

IBA Group completed an HR management project for a major engineering company. The project was challenging because HR management is a time-dependent function and has a complicated lifecycle. To solve these challenges, IBA Group implemented an SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) dashboard on top of an enterprise data warehouse powered by SAP HANA.

IBA Group was able to meet rigorous KPIs, apply a historical truth approach to data handling, and develop retroactive reporting. In addition, the IBA team took care of sensitive information, meeting requirements of the organizational security policies.

As a result, the client’s top management can have all relevant key figures at hand to track staff quality, discover trends, and make proper decisions. End users acquired an ability to accelerate their analysis, explore master data evolution, share and create their own reporting scenarios, and collaborate instantly via a single entry point.

According to the customer, IBA Group demonstrated “professionalism, quick reaction to emerging problems”. They also highlighted the IBA Group’s “contribution to the development of new features and functions, and personal commitment,” that played a key role in improving the efficiency of their HR management.