MasterCard Re-Certifies IBA Group Validators

May 27, 2022 

The MasterCard International Payment System conducted another TQM compliance audit of the IBA Group validators’ production.

The goal of the MasterCard TQM program is to validate the security and performance of payment terminal hardware that accepts contactless payments with MasterCard bank cards.

The MasterCard TQM certificate confirms the high quality of the public transport validators produced by IBA Group. IBA Group has a complete development and production cycle of the validator hardware and software.

MasterCard TQM

IBA Group’s validators are a part of transport projects in various countries, including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. They can be installed in ground transport, subway, and railway trains. The validators support payments with specialized transport cards and contactless bank cards.

Vadim SmotryaevProduct Owner at IBA Group

We are pleased to demonstrate once again that our processes are in line with MasterCard’s international standards. Obtaining this certificate demonstrates the high quality of IBA Group’s validators used daily by hundreds of thousands of commuters in different cities of the world.

IBA Group received the first Terminal Quality Management certificate by MasterCard in October 2020. During the pandemic, the certification took place remotely. However, this did not become an obstacle to the successful completion of the audit. Experts from the UK conducted a detailed analysis of production, quality control, and management processes, and prepared their recommendations for improving production processes.

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