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Our team of SAP EAM implementers automates planning, control and optimization of the asset life cycle, including maintenance, repair, spare parts and financial management.

We help improve the reliability and availability of assets, reduce operating costs, optimize resources and improve the operating performance of the enterprise.

With our help, you will be able to manage your assets effectively, make informed decisions and raise the competitive capacity of your business.



Reduced equipment downtime


Reduced maintenance costs


Reduced task execution time


Increase in equipment availability by 10-15%

Improved repair planning

Better transparency and control

Enhanced equipment availability and reliability

Resource usage optimization

Improved collaboration and communication


Enterprise Assets Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Assets Lifecycle Management

It provides full control and management of the asset life cycle, including their planning, design, commissioning and operation, maintenance and decommissioning. This helps optimize asset utilization, reduce maintenance costs and extend asset life.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The solution helps develop more efficient budget planning strategies. It provides transparent and complete information about the condition of productive assets, their maintenance and repair requirements, and operating life.

Multi-Resource Planning

Multi-Resource Planning

Optimizes the allocation of resources such as manpower, business units and tools to complete tasks. This improves the use of resources, reduces costs, and helps to plan and execute tasks more accurately, and quickly respond to changes and priorities. As a result, the productivity and efficiency of maintenance operations in companies increases.

Reliability Management and Failure Prevention

Reliability Management and Failure Prevention

The solution uses analytical algorithms and equipment condition monitoring to predict possible failures and malfunctions. This allows taking proactive measures to prevent downtime and reduce repair costs.

Inventory and Supply Optimization

Inventory and Supply Optimization

The solution helps manage inventories and supplies by preventing shortages or surpluses of materials. This improves production efficiency and reduces warehousing costs.

Mobile Service and Diagnostics

Mobile Service and Diagnostics

Enables mobile maintenance and on-site equipment diagnostics, making maintenance processes faster and reducing downtime.

Safety Improvement

Safety Improvement

The solution helps implement modern safety and compliance practices when operating the equipment, which reduces the risk of accidents and improves personnel safety.

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Oil & Gas
Optimization of operation and maintenance of oil and gas wells, pipelines and equipment. For example, SAP EAM allows users to effectively plan repairs, manage the stock of necessary spare parts and monitor the condition of assets. This results in better reliability and lower operating costs.
Iron and Steel Industry
Management of production lines and equipment at iron and steel enterprises. For example, SAP EAM allows users to effectively monitor and plan repairs, optimize resource utilization, and manage raw material inventories. This enhances productivity, reduces costs and improves product quality.
Power Industry
Management of power-generating assets such as generators, transformers and network equipment. SAP EAM allows users to effectively plan and coordinate asset maintenance, prevent accidents and reduce downtime.

In addition, the system helps to optimize the management of reserves and resources, which contributes to an increase in the efficiency and reliability of the power network.

Railway Industry
Management of infrastructure and rolling stock maintenance. For example, SAP EAM allows users to effectively monitor the condition and maintenance of tracks, bridges, tunnels and rail cars.

The system allows planning and coordinating repairs, managing the stock of required materials and optimizing the use of resources. This contributes to improving the reliability and safety of railway transport.


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Deployment of Solutions

We use modern SAP Activate framework – deployment and life cycle monitoring for SAP solutions. A set of tools, methods and procedures allows us to quickly and transparently implement SAP projects for each project participant, enhance communication efficiency and reduce risks. Warranty service after launch.

Solution Support

We offer proactive support, fast response to problems, prompt resolution of emerging problems, and guarantee stable and trouble-free operation of your system, which will help you focus on your business and achieve its goals.

Update and Migration

Updating existing systems to new versions or migrating systems to another platform. We will help you complete this process quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and risk to your business.

Business Transformation

We will help you to carry out business transformation of processes, reduce costs and improve performance. We will develop individual transformation plans that take into account the specifics of your business and provide a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Rollout and Localization

We offer rollout and localization services that will allow you to effectively run business in various countries with high quality products and take due regard to the peculiarities of the local market. We guarantee high quality and timely introduction of products to new regions.

Solution Integration

We develop individual integration plans taking into account the specifics of your company and offer a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Pre-Project Study and Audit

We analyze business processes and IT infrastructure of your company, provide a detailed report on the problems identified with recommendations to address them.

Custom Designed Solutions

We develop fully integrated systems that meet the unique requirements of your business, and facilitate their effective management.

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