Master Data Management (MDM)

Minimize your costs and unlock new business opportunities through data quality management

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We help ensure the quality of your master data with SAP MDG (SAP Master Data Governance)

It is a master data management solution that allows you to create, modify, distribute, and consolidate master data across the entire enterprise, centrally.

Master data (or master reference data) is data that an enterprise uses to perform business operations, provide semantics for transactions, and manage unstructured data or associated metadata.

Pre-configured data models help minimize the costs of deploying full-fledged solutions for managing the quality and reliability of data in functional areas. These data models can include Directories of Materials, Business Partners, and Finance. All this data ensures better management of the business.

Benefits of MDG

20 to 200%

Smaller size of directory (domains: Materials, Business Partners – by avoiding duplicates, incomplete or incorrect entries)

10 to 50%

Less time and costs for preparing consolidated financial statements

up to 30%

Less costs for storing non-demanded products

up to 30%

Released working capital by cutting costs for repeated purchases of products in stock

Reduces contingency non-manufacturing costs associated with external communications between materials identification, employees, or business partners.

Ensures transparency and traceability of creation, modification, and blocking of master data records.

Enables automated definition, collection, and control of service level metrics associated with master data management business processes.

Improves decision-making efficiency in sales and purchasing processes by providing up-to-date information to all employees and streamlining the preparation of consolidated corporate reporting

Our Expertise

SAP Master Data Management

SAP Master Data Governance for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA + Fiori applications

SAP Master Data Consolidation for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

SAP Process Orchestration (PO)

Recommended Services

Establishment of Master Data Management System

Establishment of Master Data Management System

In the course of establishing a master data management system, we analyze the current state in detail and identify areas for optimization and growth. Based on this data, we build a centralized management systems with clearly defined domains, logical models of directories, and database views. Our master data management concept provides transparency, flexibility, and controllability. After deploying our services, we will also be training your staff. We guarantee continuous support for the stability of your business.


Data Normalization

Data Normalization

When normalizing data, we take a systematic approach, starting with the development of a methodology that ensures the homogeneity and good structure of data. In addition, we set clear quality criteria to guarantee accuracy and reliability. Finally, our experts consolidate and normalize the primary data. As a result, we create a reference directory that is ready for further use.


Implementation of a Data Quality Management System, Classification by Materials

Implementation of a Data Quality Management System, Classification by Materials

While deploying a data quality management system, we focus on key stages: identifying reliable data sources, establishing strict data quality criteria and in-depth development of materials directory.Our approach includes the development of a structured and information-rich material classifier. Additionally, we introduce data validation and enrichment processes using external trusted vendors.


Our Services

Deployment of Solutions

We use modern SAP Activate methodology — implementation and life cycle management of SAP solutions. A set of tools, methods, and processes allow you to carry out SAP implementation projects quickly, with full transparency for all project participants. It is also a great way to improve communication and mitigate risks, they also offer Warranty Support after launch.

Support for Solutions

We offer proactive support, quick response to problems, and prompt resolution of emerging issues. This active approach ensures that your system runs reliably and uninterrupted, which will help you focus on your business and its goals.

Update and Migration

We also offer services for updating an existing system to a new version or migrating a system to another platform. We will help you complete this process quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and risks for your business.

Business Transformation

We will help you complete business transformation processes while cutting down costs and improving efficiency. You can also expect an individual transformation plan that takes into account the specifics of your business, providing a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Rollout and Localization

We provide rollout and localization services that will allow you to effectively conduct your business in different countries using high quality products and taking into consideration the characteristics of local markets. We guarantee high-quality operations and timely launch of the product in new regions.

Integration of Solutions

We will develop an individual integration plan that takes into account the specifics of your enterprise, and provide a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Front End Engineering Design and Audit

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s business processes and IT infrastructure and provide a detailed report on identified problems and recommendations for eliminating them.

Solutions with Custom Design

We will develop a fully integrated system that meets the unique requirements of your business and facilitates its effective management.

Methodological Support

We will create custom methodological solutions for customers’ business challenges, with due regard to their IT architecture. We will provide comprehensive methodological support for business solutions and fine-tune existing customer methodologies for automation.

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