IBA Group Presents Its Transport Solutions

February 9, 2017 

On February 3, a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus was held in Brest, Belarus, to sum up the results of 2016. The event included a forum and a trade show. The participants to the forum discussed the social and economic development of the industry throughout the year 2016 and set goals for 2017. IBA Group participated in the exhibition of innovations. The IBA IT Park and Protok Lux experts showcased the company’ current products and solutions in the area of fare collection and traffic control in public passenger transport, and presented the up-to-date trends of automated systems development.

Roughly, 250 representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and government bodies headed by Anatoly Sivak, the Minister of Transport and Communications, as well as top management of transport and logistics companies and organizations attended the forum.

IBA Group boasts a vast experience in the transport and logistics industry having implemented dozens of projects and created a number of products for the transportation sector. At the IBA Group booth, the attendees of the event were able to learn more about the IBA’s systems of Automated Fare Collection (AFC) and fleet management, and the open loop system. In addition, the stand assistants presented IBA Group products, including card validators, onboard computers and controllers, multipurpose transport loggers, and inspector terminals.